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Revenue Internet Properties is a Denver based company that owns thousands of premium .com domains that are availible to purchase. Our portfolio consists of premium .com domains that are valuable assets in establishing an online identity and generating traffic and revenue for the businesses that purchase them.


All of our domains have a "buy-now price" and can be purchased in minutes through our third-party escrow company, which is safe and reliable - so there's no lengthy negotiations, and no risk or uncertainty. The process of transferring domain ownership is also simple, and the escrow company will assist buyers with this as well.


Any successful Internet presence starts with the right Domain.

.com Domain Names that are relevant and easy to recall pay enormous dividends in reduced marketing costs, consumer awareness, and consumer recall. Your domain name is your digital brand, it is what the world knows you as; and increasingly how they get in touch with you - through search or directly. Making an investment in the right domain name is not only important, it's often the difference between success and failure.

Why are (.com domains) the only choice for those serious about online presence?

.com domains are and always have been the "Gold Standard". Owning the .com of your company or brand is imperative today for many reasons. Whether it's search engine recognition, ranking or credibility, a .com domain makes all the difference in the world.  Consider the current environment where the proliferation of other new extensions/URL's has only reinforced the value of .com domains, in large part due to phishing sites posing as legitimate entities, bad actors capitalizing on new extensions/URL’s for dubious if not criminal activities, and the using of known brands or businesses paired with these new URL's to defraud customers or impair an organizations credibility. While these are just a few, they are nevertheless profoundly significant factors in search engine vetting as well as public perception that differentiate .com domains from all others. The credibility of a .com and probability that it is authentic is built into search engine algorithms and increasingly into the minds of the public, the significance of which can not be overstated. And finally of course, is that .com domains are known to all, the world over. It therefore stands to reason that for over 98 percent of businesses, .com is the obvious choice when building an online presence. 

Brand and Recall Protection

To ensure customers get to your site whether they remember(Recall) the singular, plural or other likely configuration of your domain name, the bulk of the domains we own have been acquired in bundles for this very reason, and can be purchased as bundles as well as individually.  Owning these domains provides brand protection, so that others can't pirate traffic or glean credibility from your brand by owning your domain in its plural, singular, or like form.

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